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Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Legislation - Information Resources

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Bill C-15 - "Mandatory prison sentences for serious drug crimes" (February 2009)
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April 22, 2009
Conservative Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, defending Bill C-15 at committee.

In this clip, Mr. Nicholson refuses to answer a simple question about whether or not he spoke to the chair of the 2002 Senate Committee on Cannabis, Conservative Senator Pierre-Claude Nolin and then stonewalls NDP committee member, Libby Davies, when asked to present evidence that mandatory minimum sentences will work for drug crimes.

Cdn flag Minister defends mandatory minimums - Drug Crimes Targeted
April 23, 2009 - The National Post

New Democrat Libby Davies questioned Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson as to what evidence he had to support the idea that minimum mandatory jail terms will reduce crime. Ms. Davies cited studies prepared for the Justice Department several years ago showing that automatically jailing drug criminals does nothing to deter crime, as has been shown in the United States.
"Many States are repealing their mandatory minimums," Ms. Davies said.
Mr. Nicholson declined to supply any evidence to the contrary, but he insisted that "we are absolutely convinced in our consultation with Canadians that this is welcomed across the country." More...

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Watch videos of expert witness testimony to the Bill C-15 Senate Committee
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