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Bill S-10 "Penalties for organized drug crime act" - Information Resources

Bill S-10 Senate Committee Transcripts and Video

Date / Transcript / Video Wintesses

Meeting 1: October 20, 2010

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of this meeting

Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada:
Rob Nicholson
Department of Justice, Criminal Law Policy Section:
Paul Saint-Denis, Senior Counsel
Catherine Kane, Director General and Senior General Counsel
Correctional Service of Canada:
Don Head, Commissioner

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson's opening statement to the Bill S-10 Senate Committee
October 20, 2010

Visit the CannabisFactsForCdns YouTube Channel to watch the rest of Rob Nicholson's appearance
before the Bill S-10 Senate Committee, including questioning from committee members.

Meeting 2: October 21, 2010


Department of Justice, Youth Justice, Strategic Initiatives and Law Reform:
Catherine Latimer, General Counsel and Director General
Health Canada, Controlled Substances and Tobacco Directorate:
Cathy Sabiston, Director General
Public Safety Canada, National Crime Prevention Centre:
Daniel Sansfaçon, Director, Policy, Research and Evaluation
Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch:
Kathy Langlois, Director General, Community Programs Directorate
Health Canada, Regions and Programs Branch:
Debbie Beresford Green, Director General, Programs Directorate

Meeting 3: October 27, 2010


Canadian Bar Association:
Gaylene Schellenberg, Lawyer
Joshua Weinstein, Past Chair, National Criminal Justice Section
Barreau du Quebec:
Me Nicole Dufour, Lawyer, Research Services and Secretary, Committee on Criminal Law
Me Jean-Claude Dube, Representative
François Joli-Coeur, Representative
Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers:
Andre Rady, Representative
Criminal Lawyers' Association:
Adam Boni, Barrister and Solicitor
Public Prosecution Service of Canada:
George Dolhai, Acting Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions and Senior General Counsel
Laura Pitcairn, Counsel, Drug, National Security and Northern Prosecutions Branch

Meeting 4: October 28, 2010


Royal Canadian Mounted Police:
Assistant Commissioner Stephen White, Director General, Financial Crime
Inspector Eric Slinn, Director, Drug Branch
Public Safety Canada:
Yves Leguerrier, Director, Serious and Organized Crime Division
Halifax Regional Police:
Chris McNeil, Deputy Chief of Operations (by videoconference)
Canadian Police Association:
Charles Momy, President
Ottawa Police Services:
Jamie Foley, Detective
Vancouver Police Department:
Peter Sadler, Sergeant (by videoconference)
Neil Munroe, Sergeant (by videoconference)

Meeting 5: November 3, 2010

Watch video
of this meeting

Association des directeurs de police du Québec:
Yves Morency, President
Service de police de la Ville de Montréal:
Jean-Guy Gagnon, Assistant Director
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition:
David Bratzer, Executive Board Member (by videoconference)
Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy:
Tara Lyons, Executive Director
As an individual:
Tracey Anderson

Meeting 6: November 4, 2010 Clause-by-clause examination of the bill, ammendments debated, final vote
YouTube Channel

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Politicians who support prohibition are supporting organized crime

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